Does Face Yoga Really Work?

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3 min readOct 11, 2022


Face yoga is one of the most productive activities you can do at home for your skin. It only takes 5 minutes a day to make your face look younger, healthier, brighter and more vigorous.

This yoga technique with facial exercises improves the facial muscles, making the skin look tighter and lifted upwards. I have been doing facial yoga movements that create a lifting effect on the face for a long time and you really notice the effect in a short time. Just like yoga, which rejuvenates the body and provides flexibility, it creates almost the same effect on the facial muscles, allowing the facial muscles to be reshaped.

What is face yoga?

Face yoga is an exercise aimed at working out the facial muscles. With the use of mimics, facial muscles lose their flexibility. Weakening of the facial muscles leads to wrinkles on the face, a low and drooping appearance. Doing facial gymnastics at home instead of having facial aesthetics improves facial muscles and tightens them. Thanks to Japanese facial yoga techniques, you can always have a young and dynamic skin just like Asians.

Face yoga is applied to the eyes, cheeks, lips, forehead and chin area. Facial yoga moves are actually not as difficult as you think! Once you do, you will notice that your face looks more energetic and healthy. When you look at the comments of those who do face yoga, you will see that everyone gets positive feedback, there is a lifting effect on their faces and wrinkles are reduced. If you want a healthy and youthful look on your face, start learning facial yoga techniques quickly!

Face Yoga Benefits

Face yoga helps reshape the face by developing the muscles in the skin. Face yoga is preferred for purposes such as cheek sagging, wrinkles, cheek weakening, cheekbone lifting.

With facial yoga movements for wrinkles between the eyebrows, you can make your forehead look younger and make your eyebrows look more lifted. Face slimming yoga makes your cheeks look more accentuated, just like Hollywood celebrities. Doing regular face yoga at home instead of going to the aesthetic clinic will make you look much more beautiful and natural!

If you ask “Does Face Yoga Really Work?”, of course it does in our opinion. When you look at face yoga before and after images, you will see the effect of face yoga.

When we ask the experts about the benefits of face yoga, they say that it moisturizes the face and is healthy. Of course, they don’t miss how important it is to moisturize their skin before starting their face yoga routine. Doing yoga on dry skin can bring out the side effects of facial yoga and cause irritation on the face. Before doing yoga, you can moisturize your skin with your favorite cream.

In order to increase the effect of face yoga and strengthen our skin, we use the Facebuilding App before we start yoga. The aim here is to achieve more efficient results with real and personally created face yoga exercises. At the same time, you can easily practice the exercises with video, audio and written demonstration and you can get a young and fresh look.

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